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At Otford we provide modern teaching and learning methodologies coupled with supervised access to information technology within a challenging and stimulating environment. The school is committed to staying relevant and providing opportunities to broaden student experience using a range of mediums of presentation and expression.

1 to 1 Laptop Program


Otford Public School will continue the 1 to 1 Laptop program in 2010, with senior students being allocated personal laptops for school use. This continues to be a very successful program and Otford Public School is recognized throughout the region for its use of technology in education and innovative learning opportunities.


The 1 to 1 program maximizes opportunities for our students to work creatively and independently, with access to relevant educational programs for learning research.

Technology 4 Learning (T4L) Rollout

With many of the school's computers reaching the end of their lifespan, mid 2009 saw a rollout of 20 new desktop PC's. This has enabled the students in Years 2 and 3 to have access to computers in the classroom, with a ratio of 1 computer for each student.

Interactive Whiteboards

With all classrooms now fitted with interactive whiteboards and an ongoing Professional Learning Program being undertaken by staff, these engaging new tools for education are enhancing our student experiences.

In producing, adapting and implementing digital lessons for students, teachers and students are able to draw on the wealth of knowledge and experience available on the Internet and through shared educational resources.


A new program offered by the department of education is changing the way students submit school work, receive assignments and interacting with their teachers, at school and at home.

The Blog (short for weblog) is a quick, easy to use website, that students and teachers are both authors and audience. Students create posts and comment on each other's published work.


Teachers can create a Blog for a specific topic and then students author submissions, for online publishing. It is a great way for us to celebrate, assess and share students' digital achievements.


To address student welfare, posts and comments on the Blog are regulated by a teacher. The Blog is not available to view by users outside of the DET.


So far this term, Otford has enjoyed great success and enjoyed regional attention thanks to the Otford Readers Challenge, Books Under Review Page or ORC BURP Blog. Students are encouraged to review and recommend books they have read during the term and use the feedback from other students to make choices about what they read. The reward for participating is a party in the library at the end of the term. The program has been a real hit especially with the boys.


The K/1/2 students are also creating a Blog about their newest student, Dougal The Dog. Students are given a chance to take Dougal home for the night and return to school with a digital photograph and a story to add to Dougal's Real Adventures! It has been a shining success, students are really engaged, constructively using new technology and improving their literacy. It's so fun, they don't even know they're learning!

Connected Classroom

The 2/3/4 classroom has now been established as a "Connected Classroom" which includes an interactive whiteboard, video conferencing screen, cameras and microphones. It all looks very exciting, and in fact it is! Using video conferencing and Bridgit software, we are now able to connect with other classrooms, in real time. Teachers and students from all over the world can see, hear and interact with our students.


The connected classroom also means that staff can be trained remotely, making for a more effective dissemination of best practice and expertise.

The Server

At the beginning of 2010, OPS upgraded the local network server. This has provided network accounts for individual students and staff to assist in the storage and retrieval of data from any school computer.

Staff are better able to track student achievement and students are able to save and retrieve data whilst becoming familiar with a network environment.

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