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We Learn and Grow Together

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STEM Action School

Otford Public School, established in 1885, continues to build on the traditions of the school as they forge ahead in future-focused directions.  Our small three-class school provide a range of learning opportunities aimed at nurturing students so that they may realise the school's high expectation of their potential, reflecting the school motto: We Learn and Grow Together.

The learning is student-centred using  a STEAM/Project Based Learning approach- teaching the skills to think innovatively, creatively and critically. Innovation is not just a new skillset but a new mindset. In ‘learning challenges' the focus on visible learning practices and growth mindset has enabled the students and teachers alike, to embrace challenge and risk, success and failure.

Technology  empowers students to take control of their own learning. Otford PS has a special interest in: the integration of technology into learning and the arts with digital art making, movie-making, music-making; PBL activities in sustainability and the local environment; makerspace activities and reusing and recycling materials; algorithmic thinking in coding and 3D printing; the use of digital platforms for collaborative and creative learning; and programs such as the Aeronautical Velocity Rocket Challenge and S.E.A.T Project.

Staff professional learning in 2017 has been focused on using student voice in feedback and self-reflection strategies, being problem solvers and finders using design thinking, and how social innovation can promote STEMpathy.

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